Free access to Documentary

Free for schools!

The Staging Post is now available for free to all schools in Australia on EnhanceTV.

We would love you to screen the film to your classes, and we are more than happy to get online via Skype afterwards to answer questions. We can even connect your students with the CRLC in Indonesia. How cool is that! Everyone can get to know each other.

Your students are the leaders of tomorrow. They are full of questions and we love to answer them. We thoroughly believe that telling human stories, creating real-life connections, and building our borderless community is the path to a more generous and knowledgeable Australia.

Every school in Australia has free access to EnhanceTV. The best thing is that if lots of you watch it, we get some royalties at the end of the year from our friends at Screenrights! You can download this terrific study guide too. (written with the support of the Australian Education Union and NSW Teachers Federation).

Find the film on EnhanceTV here.

To schedule a follow up Skype Q&A please email or

Want us to visit your school in person for a 1/2 or full day workshop? We would love to, please be in touch.

Huge thank you to the Screenrights Cultural Grant for supporting our schools outreach and workshop program.

Please share with your teaching friends.

Below: CRLC Manager, Halima Ahklaqi welcomes the new CRLC prefects.

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