NEWSFLASH! The European Film Awards: Young Audience Award is BACK ON! Seeking jury members!

ATOMQld is delighted to issue a call out for jury members to determine the winner of the 2021 European Film Awards: Young Audience Award!

The EFA YAA Jury is a perfect opportunity to provide your Year 9-10 - and even Year 11s as well! - students with extension and enrichment , and the opportunity to watch three amazing films they might never be able to see again. If you teach Year 9 -11 students who love to critique good film-making, enjoy watching world cinema, or hope to become future film-makers, get them to apply!

Excitingly, this year, this event is accessible both ONLINE and IN PERSON, meaning you can participate - wherever you are!

This year’s three nominated films selected by the European Film Academy are:

To apply, click HERE!

Hey all,

Is anyone else having trouble accessing the ‘click HERE!’ section, or is it just me?



Hi Adam,
The click here should take you to the page in the forms where all the documents are attached.
I will tinker and see if I can fix, but I will also do another reply to this with the documents.


Aimee Gust
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Hi Adam,

Here are the forms!

Email to teachers and students to apply - Online.docx (7.22 KB)

Email to teachers and students to apply - Physical.docx (7.72 KB)

EFA-YAA-2021-Jury-Entry-Form.pdf (490 KB)

2021 YAA Consent and Talent Release Form.pdf (92.6 KB)