Teachers on the Set of Harrow Opportunity

Screen Queensland and ATOMQ are developing a partnership where teachers will be invited on set of TV and film productions. One of these opportunities has arisen today!
Calling any teacher who is:

  1. a current member of ATOMQ
  2. is available this Friday, February 14th from 9am-12:30pm
  3. can get to Mowbray Park, 78 Lytton Road, Brisbane, by 9am
  4. is keen to see all the action on a working set of Screen Queensland’s Harrow https://iview.abc.net.au/show/harrow/
    We have 5 teacher places to fill on a first in, first serve basis.
    If you are available, contact Karyn Chapman on chapmak@mmc.qld.edu.au
    (Sorry for the late notice, we have only just learned of this opportunity today.)
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A shame it’s such short notice to ATOMQld Karyn, there are a few regional members who I’m sure would have loved the opportunity (particularly backing onto a weekend).

The timing of the invitation is out of our hands unfortunately, and perhaps also out of the hands of the Screen Qld contact who has extended the invitation to us. It is wonderful that they considered ATOMQ teachers and it’s important to be grateful for any opportunity in this budding partnership. I will request Screen Qld invite ATOMQ members to any productions in regional areas when possible, as I understand your frustration. Perhaps someone from FNQ can also make contact with Screen Qld or other production companies to see what other options are out there? The team at Port Shorts may be able to help?

Unfortunately, the timing of the late notice may always be an issue – that’s the nature of the industry I think.

It is an amazing opportunity and we are grateful for any consideration that Screen Qld can give teachers. We have asked those teachers who are lucky enough to go on Friday to take photos and write an article to share with our members.


Are the places filled? Thanks.

Yes. We have 5 people attending and 3 reserves. There was a great deal of interest.
We will hold one spot for 24 for regional members in future.