Atomq 2021 state conference program - momentum

The ATOMQ 2021 Momentum State Conference Program is up on the website.
Please be mindful that it is not finalised as we are waiting on final details to add.
We have made it available for people to see what is on the agenda (at this stage).
Here’s the link:
Grab your earlybird tickets, we can’t wait to see you face to face!

I cant pay for this yet//

There might be an alternative method of payment.

Contact one of the Admin staff, or speak with Mark Deere (website expert extraordinaire).



Hi everyone,

Big apologies for the problems with processing payments. At once we had updates from both of our payment processors, and are waiting for the problems to be fixed. As soon as they are resolved we will be able to start taking payments through the site again. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. It was unfortunate timing for us, having just launched the sale of tickets for the 2021 conference. We will email all members and our public newsletter when online payments have been restored.

Thank you all for your understanding and for bearing with us while we resolve these issues.

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My school paid for me but I have not received any emails telling me how to log in. Another teacher from my school sent her email of registration through but when I log in and try to REGISTER for sessions there is no REGISTER button.

Good Morning! I can’t seem to see/find the zoom link for the session on Auteur and Identity- it only has a waitlist button. Is this an in person session only?

Does this help? You will need to log in to register. Then you download Zoom and use the User code / password on the program.

Caitlin - I don’t think there is a Zoom link for the Auteur session this morning (must be in person only). I was looking for it too

I have watched that - there is NO REGISTER button at all.

Hi everyone- I’ve just added the zoom meeting ID for that session onto the program. You should be able to join the session online now (also note- for anyone who wants to attend any session with a waitlist (as opposed to a register button), you don’t need to be registered for any of the sessions if you are connecting via zoom – unlimited users can connect via Zoom).

Thank you! I can see the Auteur Zoom link now :smiley:

Hi Vicky,

Okay because I logged in, which allowed me to click ‘Register’ buttons on the rooms.

Thanks all. If there’s any more problems, feel free to let us know.

Can you please just send me the links I need to access the sessions?

Hoping to virtually access Dr Daryl Sparkes 11am session.
There is a waiting list… which is odd for a ‘virtual session’?
Is the wait list going to be released into this or should be ‘moving on?’

The wait list only applies to people physically at the workshops. You can join any workshop today virtually (there will be four workshops running concurrently during each session) without needing to have registered.

When the workshops begin, the ATOM person in the room will admin everyone from the waitlist. Hope that helps.

Hi I’ve just tried to join some of the 11am session, however room is not open and says ‘the host has another meeting in progress’ ?

I’m getting this…


Yep I’m getting this in all sessions also… I joined only one that was working ‘inclusion’ but was booted (session closed by host)


I’m getting the same as is another teacher from my school