Atomq 2021 state conference program - momentum

Where do we find the meeting IDs please?

Hey Alison, the meeting IDs are in the Program. Just click the titles of the presentations.
Program 2021 – ATOM Qld

Hi I have tried this but it doesn’t work. It says there is an error!

Hi, I have tried clicking on the presentation title and all it does is condense or expand the box. I’d like to see the Essential Screen Skills Inclusion in Action - please could you provide meeting ID

Sure, that’s the one I’m waiting to start as well. The ID is 815 0200 4847


I’m also unable to access any of the current sessions. Got into the robotics session for a moment before being booted.

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thanks so much, its waiting to let us in

No worries.

Can someone please communicate what is happening with all these sessions?

Yes, looks like the hosts are trying to stream on one account and cancel eachother out between each session. Currently only the robotic one is up

Same here, I could get into STEAM but the ones I want to go in are giving me the message as seen above.

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From what I understand, all the presentations are on the same account, so Zoom cancels each other out, because it thinks there’s a scheduling conflict. There was a post that it was happening to the QCAA session, and they were going to record and upload that presentation. Not sure about the others.

Is there anyway of getting into the sessions? I am a but confused, sorry.

ATOM are trying to stream from the one account so other sessions are not working. Hopefully they fix it asap.

Hi Jo, looks like the STEAM one is the only one working.

Hi Alison,

Open the ZOOM app, then click "Join a Meeting"
Then type in the Zoom Meeting ID (yes it collapses when you try to copy/paste).

Sadly no sessions are available at the moment though except for STEAM Project: Robots, The Arts, Costumes and Film.

The Zoom Meeting ID is: 81040105557 if you want to test how it works.

That one’s working. Hopefully they can upload the recordings of the other ones later.

Hi can someone please give me the meeting ID for the ipad session when it becomes available?

Working to resolve this issue now. Massive apologies. Will update here when we’re back online. Thanks so much for your patience.